Who are we?

Weeramantry Centre for Peace, Justice and International Law (WCPJIL) is an initiative to take forward the illuminating legacy of late Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry who had an exceptional life not only as a lawyer or judge of the International Court of Justice but also as a teacher and torch bearer of humanity. Our vision is to promote knowledge with value and order with justice. Our mission is to conduct stimulating academic events and contribute to peace-oriented policy-making process that includes (but is not limited to) space, environmental or nuclear conduct of states. We have also mandated ourselves to undertake rigorous advocacy for human rights within and without the court of law.

Our immediate plans include workshops for faculty and students in these areas. We also aim to bring them closer to international law because, in our assessment, the discipline hasn’t got it’s academic due (especially) in the Global South that has ironically been at the heart and receiving end of international activities.

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