Virtual Capsule Course on International Nuclear Law and Disarmament (24-26 June 2022)

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Keeping in mind the profound ideas on nuclear disarmament as propounded by Judge Weeramantry in his famous dissent and many writings, Weera Centre is pleased to announce a short virtual capsule course on International Nuclear Law and Disarmament. Participants in this course shall be introduced to fundamental principles of the major nuclear treaties along with relevant jurisprudence and State practice. Along with serving as a launchpad for the future nuclear law experts and disarmament enthusiasts, the course would give the participants an opportunity of getting equipped with necessary arguments and advocacy in the field. Speakers would largely comprise practitioners and experts on international law who have an impressive track record in policy research and academia.


  • Treaty framework and safeguards: Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons etc.
  • Liability, compensation and insurance for nuclear damage.
  • Role of international organizations- International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations and International Court of Justice.
  • Environmental impact/threats.
  • Trade in nuclear materials and equipment.
  • Proliferation challenges, disarmament verification and monitoring.


  • Understanding of the foundations of international nuclear law and disarmament.
  • Capacity for critical interrogation of specific nuclear regimes.
  • Ability to build on further expertise to become a nuclear law professional or get equipped with disarmement advocacy skills.
  • Opportunity to interact with experts in the field.


A university student or a graduate/post-graduate at the time of attending the capsule course. Professional experience can be acknowledged as equivalent to a university qualification.


24 June 2022 – 26 June 2022

Total 8 hours (evening class on Friday)


Interested candidates should send 250-word profile (pdf) highlighting their educational background and achievements by 15 June 2022 at-

Intimation of selection- 20 June 2022