JILC-Volume 1 : Number 2


Marine Plastic Pollution and the Normative Precepts of ‘Common Concern of Humankind

Francisco Gutiérrez Figueroa                                                                           

Destruction of Cultural Property and Fragmentation of International Law: Beyond the Lex Specialis Principle

Remi Fuhrmann                                                                                                          

Social Media and Hate Speech in Sri Lanka: Evaluation in the Light of Rabat Action Plan

Pulasthi Hewamanna                                                                                             

Covid-19 (Mis)Management: The Cost of States’ Vanity

Debby Jain                                                                                                                     

The Right to Development in Africa: Its Normative Evolution and Current State

Marga F. Angerasa & Haile Bayisa Daba                                         


Fredrik S. Heffermehl, noted anti-nuclear and Nobel Peace Prize activist and the author of Medaljens bakside (2020)