JILC- Volume 2 : Number 1


Modern Day Slavery in the Tea Gardens of Bangladesh: Abolished in Law, Persisting in Fact

Fatemaa Waariithah Ahsan &  Priya Ahsan Chowdhury                    

The Nigeria Correctional Service Act, 2019 and the Right to Diversion: An Appraisal in the Light of CRA and CRC

Sylvester Terhemen Uhaa                                                                                

Immunity Passports and the Necessity of Human Rights Compliance by States: A Normative Critique

Kavya Salim                                                                                                          

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the Nile: International Legal and Political Implications

Menna Khaled & Michael Mulligan                                                            

Domestic and International Legal Evaluation of the Dwindling Space for Dissent in Sri Lanka

Pulasthi Hewamanna                                                                                   

Case Comment

The Prosecutor v. Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé (ICC-AC, 31 March 2021)

Luís Bartilotti Matos                                                                                       

Book Review

I Am the People: Reflections on Popular Sovereignty Today- Partha Chatterjee

Mohammad Umar